BDCFT Pensions team one to ones

One to One appointment with our Pensions team

In recent months the request for one-to-one appointments with our Pensions team has increased significantly. The many changes to the NHS Pension Scheme (NHSPS), varying conditions throughout the pandemic, and of course the effects of the pandemic itself on our workforce have meant lots more people have / or are considering retiring and are looking for advice.

We know how important this but only have two members in our team and are finding it difficult to see everyone as quickly as we’d like.  So, to help us help you find the answers to your questions, we’d be grateful if you would look at the information available first before getting in touch.

The Trusts Retirement Procedure contains lots of helpful information; in many cases this has the answers to the questions to your questions.  If you have decided to retire or are thinking of retiring, please take a little time to read  Retirement policy and procedure

Also, the NHSBSA site also has a whole range of tools and information that provides members with answers and essential information.

If, after reviewing these you still need us we will be happy to help; please email us at to request an appointment.

To help us prepare and understand your requirements, please include a brief description of what you would like to discuss. Our aim is to offer an appointment within four weeks of your request, and we will do our very best to prioritise those who need us the most first.

Many thanks for your patience and co-operation