Consolidated Payments Bands 8 – 9 AFC

All non-medical substantive employees are paid in line with the nationally agreed NHS Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions and pay structure was significantly changed in 2018 resulting in a three year pay award with transitional arrangements in place over these three years. 2020/21 represents the final year. Information about the structural changes across the years was published in 2018 and is widely available for employees to view.

With effect 01 April 2020 further restructuring of the pay bands took place in order to complete the process of reducing the number of pay points. Two further pay points are removed from bands 8   -9.

For the duration of 2020/2021 existing employees on points 4 and 5 of bands 8a to 9 will have their salary paid differently as two separate elements on their payslip.

Basic pay at the level of points 1 to 3 of the pay scale
A consolidated amount – paid monthly. On payslips this will appear as:

Basic Pay
2020 Award

All employees paid on these pay points will still see a small increase in their total annual salary (basic plus consolidated payment) compared to 2019/20.

Pay Calculation Error

A national issue has been identified for some staff in bands 8 and 9 who are receipt of a consolidated payment.

This has arisen because the current payroll process calculates enhancements using basic pay only whereas basic pay plus the consolidated payment should be used.

NHS Employers have released a statement to say a solution is being worked on by our payroll system providers ESR, and that this will be in place as soon as possible. A back payment for any arrears owed will be included.

Please note any enhancements paid in April 2020 represented time worked in March 2020 and had the correct hourly rate.

At the moment we are unable to advise the date of resolution but will provide a further update as soon as this is available.