Fraud Alert


Audit Yorkshire has received further information regarding payroll frauds where staff have received emails with a false incentive such as a pay rise. A variation of this fraud is now doing the rounds and some staff have received emails supposedly from Payroll asking them to verify changes made to ESR.
If a staff member clicks the link and provides their password, this allows a fraudster access to further information on the victim such as national insurance number, date of birth, address, email address, phone numbers and emergency contact details. They may even try the password input for ESR to see if the same one is used for other applications such as emails or online banking.

Please can all staff be vigilant to these kinds of emails. If you receive anything which says it is from Payroll, please do not click on any links and report it to your Local Counter Fraud Specialist.

Should you amend your bank details via ESR self-service, Payroll will contact you by telephone to verify that you have made the change; you will only be asked to confirm yes or no to the change, you will not be asked to confirm your bank details.