Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT)

Contact Information

Our address

Bradford NHS Payroll Services
Level 4, New Mill
Victoria Road
West Yorkshire
BD18 3LD

Payroll Service Desk:

Tel: 01274 251000
Fax: 01274 215410

For service desk opening hours please visit contact us

When you contact the service desk by telephone you will hear a short presentation message before your call is answered, please do not hang up. If you call out of hours please note we do not have a voicemail facility, you will need to either call back when we are open or email your enquiry to:

It is important to always have either your payroll/assignment number or national insurance number to hand when you contact us by either phone or email; this is the way we identify you and enables us to deal with your query.

Further Contact Information

Pensions, Travel and Expenses general enquiries:
Tel: 01274 251000

Expenses (system usage enquiries):
Tel: 01274 251000

HR Advise Line :
Tel: 07734 863637

Childcare Vouchers:
Tel: 01274 228321

Key Dates Information

Key Dates Information

To guarantee it is actioned in the month received;  all pay related information must reach us on or around the 4th of each month, please see below for specific dates and deadlines. Please remember to include your payroll/assignment number on all forms of correspondence.

Key Dates Downloads

Monthly Key Dates 2023-2024 (34.50 KB)
Weekly Key Dates 2023-2024 (38.50 KB)
Monthly Key Dates 2024-2025 (35.50 KB)
Weekly Key Dates 2024-2025 (35.50 KB)

Over & Underpayments Introduction

Every effort will be made by BPS in conjunction with your manager and the organisation to ensure your pay is correct. There may, on an exceptional occasion be the need to make an adjustment for either an over or underpayment. Please remember you have a responsibility to check your payslip each and every month and contact us if you are uncertain about anything or think there is an anomaly. BPS can only act on information we have received from either your manager or the organisation where appropriate, without this we will be unable to make any adjustment.


When you contact us to report an overpayment, we will need to investigate this and may need you to provide further information or contact your manager. Please be aware the NHS has a duty to recover all overpaid amounts as these are public funds. We will make arrangements with you to recover the overpayment in line with the policy.


If you contact us to report an underpayment, we will need to investigate this and may need you to provide further information or contact your manager. The repayment will usually be made on the next available pay date, exceptions to this are described in the policy.

Recovery of Overpayment and Payment of Underpayments ()


Expenses are claimed using Assure Expenses. The system is easy use allowing you to build up your claim over the month and to keep track of it right up until it’s paid. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, the website address is:; please either copy and paste into your browser or click here. All the things that you are likely to claim for are set up in the system and you simply need to select the item and complete the boxes. Mileage is calculated automatically using postcodes (like your sat nav) hence there is no need to keep a track of the number of miles yourself.

If you’re responsible for approving claims, you can do that online too in just a few quick clicks. There’s a comprehensive Help & Support section for all users within the system, with videos, walk-through guides, F.A.Qs etc. We also have a step by step user guide found below.

If you have any queries regarding either your claim or using the system that are not answered in the user guide or on the system please email your query to:, or call the payroll customer service desk on 01274 251000.
Rates are paid in line with Agenda for Change Handbook PDF, sections 17 and 18, and local policy below.

Expenses Step by Step Guide (1.41 MB)
BDCFT Business Travel and Subsistance policy (579.66 KB)
BDCFT New official Car user form (41.00 KB)

Online Payslips

You can view your payslip in a number of ways:

  • Using your smartcard on a computer at work through the ESR icon on your desktop
  • Through remote internet access to ESR Self Service (without smartcard)
  • Using the MyESR App on Android, IOS or Windows Phone

There are are two ways to access ESR, you can use your smart card or simply a Username and Password. Please visit  connect   for instructions.

Copies of your payslips may sometimes be needed when providing proof of earnings, for example: Mortgage applications, Student Loan, Tax Credits etc… you can visit any Trust site to print these, or use your home printer (if printing from a laptop/PC). As the Government and HMRC endorse the use of electronic payslips you should not encounter any problem submitting copies instead of originals. Gov.Uk payslip advice.

In the unlikely event you are unable to access any electronic device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet either at work or at home we do have the facility to switch a paper copy back on.  We would encourage you to consider this carefully before making a request as the paperless initiative will contribute to postage savings for the Trust.   If you do opt to revert to paper your payslip will be delivered to your work address, not home. To do this please contact us by email at:

It is likely we will contact you first to discuss all possible options before acting on your request.

Please note; if you go on Maternity Leave your payslips will automatically revert to paper and be sent to you at home.  If  you leave the Trust your final payslip will automatically revert to paper and be sent to you at home, we advise it would be sensible to print off any historical copies you may require at this time as you will no longer have access when you have left.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can do this in a number of ways:
If you have access to Employee self service – please visit the HR Connect page for instructions: http://connect.bdct.local/hr/Pages/ESR.aspx. If you don’t have access, there is a tear off slip attached to your payslip, this should be completed and sent to us. Alternatively you can send them in writing or by completing a change of bank details form:

Available Downloads
(26.00 KB)

You must still tell us your new account details. Using CASS does not provide the organisation with authority to change your details in our system. Whilst initially your salary is automatically redirected from your old account to your new one by your new bank; this stops after 13 redirections and any further monies sent to your old account will not be paid into your new one.

If you have access to Employee self service – please visit the HR Connect page for instructions: http://connect.bdct.local/hr/Pages/ESR.aspx If you don’t have access, please inform your manager who will make the changes on your behalf.

To keep your tax records up to date HMRC will need to know too, you can do this online, please click here

Payroll are unable to amend this field, please email Please note payslips will be sent to your normal place of work unless you do not have one or are on long term absence.

Copies of your payslip can be viewed online using Employee self service, please visit the HR Connect page for instructions which can be found under the heading of:  Employee Self Service Guidance Documents – How to view an on-line payslip at: http://connect.bdct.local/hr/Pages/ESR.aspx  , if you are unable to do this copies can be requested by emailing: or calling us on 01274 251000. You will need to provide your name and assignment number or name and national insurance number along with your current address, copies will posted or can be collected in person with prior arrangement. We are unable to fax or email copies due to data protection. Please note requests of this nature will not be classed as a priority during our peak times and may take up to ten working days.

Your assignment number can be found on your payslip in the top left hand corner, you NI number on the right hand side, 4th row down; please see below for an example

If you need to contact your local office you can write to them at:

Pay as you Earn & Self-Assessment
HM Revenue & Customs
United Kingdom

Or call them on: 0300 200 3300, please note phone lines are less busy before 10am Monday to Friday.

Opening Times:
8am to 8pm Monday to Friday
8am to 4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday & bank holidays

For either method you will need to quote your National Insurance (NI) number, this can be found on your payslip as shown on the example above and employers tax reference number, also shown above

Please follow the guidance on page 21 of the user guide below

Please see expenses section above for information.

Operators of DSE who are classed as ‘users’ under the regulations are entitled to:

Reimbursement of the cost of the lenses as prescribed by the practitioner, provided the optician’s receipt is endorsed that the lenses are SOLEY for DSE use. Please also be aware that the cost of any lens coatings (e.g. tints, react-to-light) must be paid by the employee and will not be reimbursed.

A maximum of £50.00 for the frames. If employees wish to select frames at a greater cost they may do so. However the extra cost above £50.00 must be met by the employee.

Details also be found by reviewing the Trust Health and Safety policy and on the document below.