P60 and P11D issue dates 2022-2023


Your P60 summarises your taxable pay, tax, and national insurance during the last tax year.  Payroll plan to have these available by 18 May 2023, for most of us they will need to be viewed via employee self-service. However, if you are currently receiving a paper payslip you will still receive a paper copy of your P60. Paper copies may take a little longer due to distribution but will be with you by 31 May 2023.

Please note it is important to keep a copy safely in case you need it later. This is particularly important if you complete a self-assessment return.



If you have a salary sacrifice or lease car or use the home electronics scheme it is likely you will receive a P11D, this summarises the Benefit in Kind applicable for 2022-2023. HMRC and individuals must receive these by 06 July 2023.  However, these are usually completed earlier, and we aim to have them with you by 19 June 2023.